Harvest: Like a Game of Chess

by Enologist Michelle Zentmyer Moss “I will sing a song of battlePlanned in days long past and over.Men of skill and science set itOn a plain of eight divisions,And designed in squares all chequered.” The Song of Chess by Abraham ibn Ezra Punch downs and pump overs and brix checks, oh my! Harvest is well…


Bubbles! By Enologist Michelle Zentmyer Moss “And what if we’re just bubbles in a dream Dreaming up more bubbles as we breathe…” Bubbles…by Akira Chinen There is something so uplifting about drinking sparkling wine. This type of wine is often used to celebrate an achievement, birthday, milestone and many other occasions. It is my pleasure…

The Most Complex of Simple Questions

In the tasting room, one of the most common questions asked to the attendants is “Which wine is your favorite?” If you are the questioner, you many notice that the recipient of this question pauses, looks up in a sort of “thinking” gesture and possibly lets out a quick “hmmmm”. In the span of approximately ten seconds, the questionee attempts to rescue the answer from a gyre of possibilities, swirling around a seemingly endless ocean of additional questions.

Wine Enthusiast Ratings: May & June 2018

Le Vigne Winery is proud to present our ratings that are published in the May & June issues of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, the world’s most highly-regarded publication dedicated to wine, food, spirits, & travel.