Fall in Love with our Tasting Room Staff

Fall has adorned the Central Coast and as I drive around town, I can’t help but see the leaves changing. It is a beautiful time of year. While there is a chill in the air both at night and in the morning, the sun shines brightly during the day. It is a perfect time of…

Harvest: Like a Game of Chess

by Enologist Michelle Zentmyer Moss “I will sing a song of battlePlanned in days long past and over.Men of skill and science set itOn a plain of eight divisions,And designed in squares all chequered.” The Song of Chess by Abraham ibn Ezra Punch downs and pump overs and brix checks, oh my! Harvest is well…

Meet Our 2021 Harvest Crew

by Wine Club Manager Jillian Oksen Another year has gone by and our 2021 harvest is upon us. Over the years, you may have met our wonderful tasting room staff, but I would like to introduce you to our harvest crew. These are the amazing people that make the award-winning wines you enjoy with family…


Bubbles! By Enologist Michelle Zentmyer Moss “And what if we’re just bubbles in a dream Dreaming up more bubbles as we breathe…” Bubbles…by Akira Chinen There is something so uplifting about drinking sparkling wine. This type of wine is often used to celebrate an achievement, birthday, milestone and many other occasions. It is my pleasure…

“Mangia & Bevi by Le Vigne” Eat and Drink!

Sorpresa! Surprise! This summer, we are opening a new tasting room in Los Angeles. We are please do announce that the Filippini Family are executing their latest vision: Mangia & Bevi by Le Vigne – a place to eat, drink, and have a good time, without the long (but undeniably beautiful) drive to Paso Robles. Just south of LA’s Arts District, they have chosen a beautiful red brick building with one large tasting room and two private tasting rooms amongst…

The Most Complex of Simple Questions

In the tasting room, one of the most common questions asked to the attendants is “Which wine is your favorite?” If you are the questioner, you many notice that the recipient of this question pauses, looks up in a sort of “thinking” gesture and possibly lets out a quick “hmmmm”. In the span of approximately ten seconds, the questionee attempts to rescue the answer from a gyre of possibilities, swirling around a seemingly endless ocean of additional questions.

Cheese and Charcuterie Gone Board

Being the resident curd nerd at Le Vigne Winery, my duty is to bring the cheese! Following the latest cheese and charcuterie trends (yes, that is a thing), I wanted to create a board that was of individual portions, colorful and delicious. The way cheese boards are currently evolving to distribute in a crowd-friendly style is in individual cones, grazing boxes and “jarcuterie”. These are a few of the ways caterers, food stylists and cheese mongers are adapting in the cheese market during the current pandemic, to serve at events like weddings, birthdays and showers, to name a few.

Growing up in Italy with Chef Walter.

Life was simple, good, and we had just what we needed. We produced all our needs on the farm, including proteins, dairies, organic fruits & vegetables, wine, and more. The only staples we got from the market were sugar, salt, coffee (Nonna Maria mixed with toasted chicory seeds to save money), and sometimes canned tuna (Como is far from the sea, and fresh fish was very expensive). The currency used at the time between our neighboring families was a loaf of bread, a chunk of cheese, a small salami (when it was available), or a bottle of house wine. That means if you need help from me, you didn’t need money, and we had a good time after we finished the job. By the end of our lives, more or less, we will be even.

What do ill-fitting pants and pruned vines have in common?

Cane pruning is common practice in Organ and coastal vineyards, especially for pinot noir, but is an unusual occurrence in our area. Pruning techniques vary from area to area and winemaker to winemaker, depending upon many factors such as airflow, proliferation, canopy management, rain, and moisture. Because Paso Robles is typically a dry area, more foliage is desired for protecting the fruit from the sun.

El Paso de Robles – “The Pass of the Oaks”

For this months blog post we thought you might enjoy learning a little of the area that we love to call home (we certainly enjoyed doing the research for the blog).  The city’s full name is El Paso de Robles which is generally shortened to Paso Robles, with differing versions of how to pronounce it….